Open the zipper on the carrying bag and lift the handle of the inner bag to take out BASTRO.
* Caution:
The body weight of BASTRO is 12.8kg. Please be careful not to strain the musculoskeletal system such as the waist, wrist, and shoulders when removing the product from the bag.


Unfold the inner bag and place it on a flat surface to take out BASTRO.


Unzip the Velcro band on the inner bag and place it in a place to use or charge BASTRO.
* Caution:
Do not use in direct sunlight or near heating/cooking appliances that generate heat.
Do not place BASTRO on a carpet with long hair or a blanket. It is recommended to use it in a cool, shaded and well-ventilated place.


Lightly tap the power button on the back of the product.
* Tap and hold the power button for about 3 seconds to turn off the product.


After turning on the power, it takes approximately 10 seconds to be ready for use. A boot screen is displayed on the front display window, then the battery indicator appears.
* Caution:
Power may be cut off automatically in case of overheating or abnormal voltage due to automatic safety management function.
Power is automatically restored when the conditions for inactivating safety management functions such as heat dissipation is secured.


The handle of the body can be adjusted for changing the position of the body or moving the product for a short distance.
* Caution:
When putting the product back to the bag, the handle must be completely laid down and flat with the main body for safety.
When lifting or laying down the handle or lifting the product using the handle, please be careful not to get your fingers caught in the gaps in the rim of the handle.


Grab the handle on the bottom of the port cover on the front and lift it up to prepare the port.


Port 1 is used for 2 USB ports. Insert Type-A USB cable into the socket, paying attention to the upward direction.
(DC 5V, 2.1A)
* Note:
Type-A USB cable must be connected in the correct direction.
Excessive force in case it is not inserted may cause damage to the product.


Ports 2 and 3 are used by plugging the socket into the cigarette lighter outlet type power. (DC 12V)
* Caution:
12V cigarette lighter socket can be used within a maximum of 10A and 120W per socket.
Check the operating voltage of the product to be used and make sure to use the power within the allowable range.
Do not use with wet hands since there is a risk of short circuit or electric shock.
Using high current port-charger/inverter connection


Take out an included charger and lift the cover of the high current port on the back. Insert the socket, paying attention to a shape(vertical) and direction(there is a cavity below) of the pin.
* Using, connecting, and disconnecting sockets to use high current port such as chargers and cable for connecting inverter are the same as above.


Push the socket into contact with the port frame.
* Caution:
The pin does not fit in case the shape and direction of the pin are not matched.
Make sure the pin is in a correct direction since the pin may bend if excessive force is applied.


Softly turn the front part of the socket pushed to the right about 30 degrees to lock it.
If you want to remove the cable, turn it to the left about 30 degrees to unlock and disconnect the cable.
* Caution:
Automatic safety control function is equipped in this product, however, it is recommended to connect the charger to the power supply and turn the inverter on after connecting when using high current port.


Run application.
* If BASTRO APP is not installed on your smartphone, please download BASTRO app using the address below:
APP Download(Coming soon)


Connect to My BASTRO.
* FBL-780 SERIAL is displayed for initial connection and you can change the device name in the setting menu.


Battery / Details screen
* You can check the voltage of each battery cell, BMS and battery temperature, and operation log files here.
BASTRO Demo Video

Jigsaw machine

(Electric saw machine)

Demo Video